Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm not dead!

Hey everyone,

My apologies for not blogging since, well, June 24th...I blame Calculus. It required so much brain capacity I was unable to remember that I needed to let people know I was home and not in a Burmese prison...again. Since I returned to Calgary I've been busily preparing myself for McMaster. I upgraded Math 31 in July and after that began working a bit here and there. I've been doing wedding videos with a great guy named Gil Ngai from Day One Productions, as well as some picking of invasive weeds with another great fellow named Andrew Stiles. Apparently, after global warming, invasive alien weed species are the largest threat to our environment. Most of them are spread across the country on trains, trucks and construction equipment and are extremely difficult to get rid of. Once in an ecosystem they are highly aggressive and can push out other native species.

Anyway, I'm hoping to continue this blog, or create another in the next little while, so as to keep people up to date with life in Steeltown.



je ne sais pas qui said...

So that's what you've been doing besides eating.........

eye in the sky said...

Just recently came across your blog and your amazingly documented travel blogs all over asia. I was all over vietnam and cambodia last october and how i wish I was able to read your blogs before my travel. Beside your adventure, my little holiday seemed like a school recess. Haha. Wow! it's an intensive holiday. Amazing photos! Informative and delightful narratives! You've been bookmarked, so I do hope that "you're not dead" LOL.


Symmes said...

Will, please contact me, I'm a journalist headed to Naypyidaw.
March 2008