Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Welcome to what will surely be an incredibly detailed account of my journey, that is if I can remember to write. I will leave the reminding up to Austin. Anyway, as it stands, we have booked our flights to London and our passports our currently in Ottawa being processed for the Russian and Mongolian visas.

We fly out on New Years Eve, which will be interesting because this is the first new years in recollection that I've not been on the earth.



Anonymous said...

Hey Will,
I check out you web site! pretty cool! Tamara and I miss you since we are now doing the input until the new girl start next week. Did you get through my niece in Loas yet? Enercon people say hollo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Will and Austin,
Good to know you arrived safely in Poland, even if you can't sleep! It's still damp in West Sussex. We've had a quiet weekend, taking down the few decorations left over from Christmas, and driving Alyssa halfway around the country to see her friends, as always. Hope you manage to catch up on rest at your friends' flat tonight and have a fascinating time tomorrow.
love - Tania
ps loved the pic of Shooshoo and his tall cousin, who has now moved up to London to live, found the countryside too quiet, I guess...