Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today is the day!

Hey everyone (by that I mean my mom, who is the only one reading this so far),

We leave for England today. Our flight is at 6PM and we get in at 11AM their time. My bag is packed to the rafters so I hope it works out all right. Here are some photos of all the stuff I am packing. Shooshoo is the monkey. He will be accompanying me on the trip as far as Vietnam where I believe he will be reconnected with his family, whom he left five years ago to seek a better life.



AJVE said...

I have tears in my eyes at the thought that Shooshoo may be reunited with his family.
Bon Voyage to you both and to Austin too of course!!

Kim said...

Hey Will.... I'm reading your blog too!!

Happy travels to you. I hope it's the best experience of your life (well, it will be, you don't have a choice in that!). Go out there, get amongst it. Taste everything, listen for little sounds that nobody else can hear. Leave your camera in your bag sometimes and just absorb it all. And, of course, keep all us temporarily grounded travellers posted, you're motivation until the next departure!

See you in Thailand?!?!

Will said...

Hey Kim,

Thanks for the entry! I will keep you informed! Any tips from a seasoned traveller such as yourself are greatly appreciated! Hope to see you in Thailand!