Monday, January 1, 2007

quick entry

I must type quick for my time is almost up. We went to a football match here. It was awesome. Check for photos coming soon!


ajve said...

Thanks for the update and glad you arrived safely. Wet?? Are you using the Glad garbage bags? :-)Waiting anxiously for some pics!!

Diane said...

Football!!! Jealous! If I'd had one more day there, that's what I would've done.

9 hour flights suck hey? I'm not a flyer was an interesting 9 hours....

Anonymous said...

HI Will,
I was late coming in today because I did not have my navigator. Tamara says your monkey needs a spanking! Make sure you tell all your new football pals about shooshoo. Glad you made it.
Enercon Gang.

Julie said...


I can not believe you're actually gone. It hasn't quite settled in yet. How was New Years on the plane? Did they crack open a bottle of bubbly? That's pretty awesome that you got to go to a football match though. I hope you took lots of pictures so you can post them up and let us see what you're up to. Say hi to Alyssa for me if you guys see her in London! Alright, well, have an awesome trip and make sure you remember the places really well so you can tell us all about them when you get back. Which I'm hoping won't be a problem :p

The best sister in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Will!!! Say hello to Blair and Putin. We look forward to following your travel adventures from Ontario. Ryan, Sarah, Uncle Marty and Aunt Geri

HOGGZ said...

Wilhelm!! Glad you made it! We'll be checking your site regularly, living vicariously through you... can't wait for the photos!

God bless always!

Your fifth cousin thru marriage etc. etc. whatever said...

Hey Will,
I never knew you were going all around the world! So you're travelling through Europe and then Asia, right? Are you passing through France? If you are tell if you find anything really interesting on Paris or Lyon. (I'm going there with my school in spring).
See Ya
God Bless (You'll probably need it :P)

Will said...

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the posts. Mom, in regards to the Glad bags, they work swimmingly for wrapping up bags, but I haven't yet tried it over the coat.

Diane, the football match was excellent. You would have loved it. It was a pretty top notch deal. It is a good thing Midwall won, because we probably would have been trampled.

How is the gang at Enercon? I don't what you will do without a navigator to get you to work. Hopefully you don't slip back into the old route through Airdrie. It's really a slow way to get there. Tamara, no spanking or slapping of monkeys will be permitted.

Hey Julie! Unfortunately they didn't open any bottles of bubbly and were in fact quite stingy with the wine. I think I got a full teaspoon or two.

Hey Aunty Geri, Uncle Marty, Ryan and Sarah. I am glad you made it to the blog. I appreciate your interest! It was great seeing you guys in November!

Senor and Senorita Hogg,
The camera is working superbly! Thanks again for the tip. I should post some pics up soon!

Hey Liz,
I'm glad you were able to check up on the blog! I won't be in France unfortunately. :( I would like to visit though!

P.S. I hope I didn't forget anyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Will,
On Monday I slip and fell on the sidewalk at Enercon, I bruise my elbow and hit my shoulder at the same time. I am a little sore today. I told Kevin he will get a letter from my lawyer. All that smog... I hope this only at certain city or is it like this every city? No wonder my Chinese friends like the clean air here. I get that comment slot from them.
Everyone say hollo.