Sunday, January 7, 2007


Hey all,
We got up early today and took the 8AM train to Warsaw from Krakow. It took about 2 and a half hours but was good for getting a little rest. Warsaw, at the moment, is rather grim and grey and raining. Our host, however, is in complete contrast. Andrew met us at the station with his "Canadian...Eh?" t-shirt and a big grin. He is one of the nicest and most hospitable people we have met so far. He prompty got us a metro pass, which was awesome, so we can get around Warsaw (pronounced War-SHAW-VAW in Polish). He then took us to his awesome apartment and fed us an excellent rice/chicken meal. It turns out he spent a year in Argentina and speaks fluent Spanish so we chatted it up. I feel bad now because I think Austin felt pretty left out. Andrew's wife is due to come back from her post-grad exam tonight. Her name is Ana or Anna, I'm not sure how it is spelled. Tomorrow we plan to venture into the rain to see Warsaw. There is an interesting place built by Stalin called the Cultural Palace, which should be interesting. Also there is a Museum dedicated to a Polish Uprising of some sort. We shall find out tomorrow. Until then, keep commenting!



Anonymous said...

The Canadian junior hockey team beat the Russians 4-2 and won the tournament. We put in an order for SUN for you guys but it might take sometime for it to arrive and they might even have put it on back order.HaHa...


Julie said...

That's great that all the people you have met have been friendly and hospitable :)


Diane said...

Don't you love the train? It is, in my opinion, the best form of transportation. Nothing compares.

I'm interested in what Stalin considers "culture" to be. Take pictures! If I'm to travel the world vicariously through you, then I'm gonna need lots of visual aid...

Will said...

Hahaha! I hope the SUN arrives soon! They have been fresh out of them since we arrived in Poland. Please make it priority post if you can!

It is great that all the people have been so hospitable. Some of these areas would be pretty depressing if we didn't know anyone. And these people are super nice. We went out for pizza tonight and had a great old time.

The train is quite nice. The train allows you to see everything yet is faster and more comfortable than bus. I will take lots of photos. Speaking of photos, I put some new ones up on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Hi Will,
Just a line to let you know Tsering and I finally had some of your Dad's famous pizza. True to your word we both said it was the best pizza we've had! Awesome...Awesome to the max! Tsering and I spent a great evening with your family chatting about everything. I am glad your trip is going so well, but we still miss the morning banter.
Take Care,
Tsering and Kevin