Monday, January 8, 2007

Warsaw Day 2

Hey everyone,
The sun finally made an appearance today. If you haven't read my dad's comment, he had mentioned that he would order some sun but figured it would take too long to ship here. He was evidently wrong. It was an absolutely incredible experience. It really did lift our spirits. It also seemed that we saw many more smiling people around town than we did yesterday. I think sunshine makes everyone happier. There was a story I was once told about a town in Austria that set up computer timed mirrors to reflect light into their city during winter to combat seasonal depressions. I thought it was maybe made-up, but here is an article on it.

We visited the old town of Warsaw, which I guess was rebuilt after WW2. Pretty much everything had to be rebuilt after the way. It is still a very nice part of town. The metro here is actually quite great too. We have a train close to Andrew and Ana's flat which takes us right into "Centrum," the center of the city. We met some interesting people today, including a British girl who was sitting off the to the side of the street in old town doing some sketches. She was really quite good.



ajve said...

Great to hear the sun came out. Visually more pleasing!
Enjoy day 3!

tante said...

Hi Will,

I am getting itchy feet reading about your travels!
You have already seen so much and you've only been away just over a week! Enjoy the moments AND the sunshine!
Did you buy an alarm clock yet or is the rooster getting you up on time?


Chuck said...

Millwall eh. Rock on young men, Rock on


Anonymous said...

Hi will,
Enjoy the trip so far? Runout of money yet! The new girl we hire didn't show up today, so it is back to interviewing again for me and Kevin. You are hard too replace. Kevin wants you back to feed the fish! Everyone say hollo!

Anonymous said...

Genuinely glad to hear the sun came out for you. We, on the other hand, are expecting a huge winter storm to be arriving shortly.
Do many of the people speak English?


Anonymous said...

Hey Will
do you have an approximate itinerary that you could post? I'd like to know if you are going to pass through France?
God Bless
Liz Vander Laan

formercoworkerofwillandaustin said...

Have you and Austin seen Hostel?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Will--
This is cool! Would you believe this is my first ever visit to a blog?? Very interesting... :) Have a great day!
Sandra H.

Will said...

Hey everyone,

Mom, it is one thing I took for granted in Calgary. That being the Sun. I think Calgary is in the top 5 sunniest cities in North America. Coming to grey is not nice, but luckily, today and the last 3 days have been quite sunny.

Tante Swanny, we have seen quite a bit, but I'm really itching to get somewhere warm. It may be a month or so before that happens. There are still so many great sights along the way that will distract me so it works out well. We didn't bring an alarm clock and I'm kicking myself now. We may just have to pick up a rooster somewhere and store it in my bag.

Chuck, Millwall was unreal. It was the most exciting 20 minutes of this year and I think it may stand till 2008. Good recommendation!

Hey Diane, I still have some money! I am going to save you some currency from Poland if I can. Their money is pretty cool looking. I have been emailing a lot with Pao and we will probably meet up sometime in March or April. Good luck finding some staff!

Hey Carla, most people speak a little English. Unfortunately, in the train station in Krakow, where you need them the most, they are completely non-existant. Luckily, we met a girl working for one of the hostels there, and she helped us out.

Hey Liz, unfortunately we won't be stopping through France. I am leaving Western Europe for another trip. The main part of this trip is in Asia, but we figured this would be a more interesting way of seeing it than just flying there.

Dear former co-employee, I have not seen Hostel and don't plan on it. We are going to try not to be lured into going to any naked parties, so we should steer clear of those particular hostels.

Hey Sandra, this is my first blog too! I hope to hear from you often! Check out the link on the side for photos.