Friday, January 5, 2007


Hey everyone,

Thanks again for all the posts. We have just arrived in Krakow, and it is raining miserably. We will probably be heading out to check out the town and hopefully get some good exploring done! Hopefully, but not for sure, I may have some photos up tomorrow. From now on I am going to put the majority of the photos on Flickr because the Blogger interface isn't super great.

Oh I almost forgot, don't be fooled by RyanAir. It is not as marvellous as people deem it. The prices were good and it was worth it, but by a small margin. A $5 flight turned out to be 50 with all the taxes and everything. Still, that's not a bad deal. However, you have to take early flights in the morning, which means sleeping in an airport where it is tough to sleep. Also, instead of having assigned seating, it's first-come-first-served, which was like herding cattle into a pen. It was ridiculous. Still, pretty cheap and the interior isn't horrible. No leg room, but that's okay for two hour flight.



ajve said...

Did you meet up with Alyssa?

ajve said...

Hey Will, I left a comment, but don't
see it??? (I didn't click "other".
Have a great day!!

Julie said...

Rain can sometimes be nice. Refreshing :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Will,
Is there still a trumpeter up in a tower bugling away over there in distant Krakow? I read a book about that once.
Picking up any of the language?
Yeah, yeah. It's cramped and damp. It comes with being a world explorer (not that I'm bitter about that at all...).
God bless,

Diane said...

Hey, rain in Krakow is better than school and snow in Calgary....

ajve said...

Guillaume, for your information: the Canadian junior hockey team won 4-2 over Russia, the third straight time they won at the world junior championship! It's front page news (Calgary Herald and National Post. Hope you guys had a great day today! Happy Epiphany (Three King's).

Anonymous said...

Oh my word!! I am so jealous right now. :P But I'm glad you're having a great time - say hi to ShooShoo for me. ;)


Will said...

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the comments. You would think rain is better than snow, but I miss the sun so much. It is rather depressing to see grey all the time. I guess because we live in one of North America's sunniest cities, it is difficult to exist where all you see are rainclouds.

In regards to the trumpeter, I admit ignorance. At the time I was in the square and I heard some trumpet music and couldn't find the source. Just today I was emailed by my lovely mother as to what the story is behind it. I guess back in the day Krakow was about to be invaded by some of those darned Tartars, what with their tasty sauces and all. The trumpeter saw the approaching attack and starting trumpeting like mad, and this warned the citizens and the army of the impending invasion. He was then shot in the throat by a Tartar, abruptly ending his trumpeting/life but saving the city.

I will have to make sure not to show too much Canadian pride while in Russia so as not to piss them off after losing yet again to the Canadians.

Again I apologize for the lack of pictures. To be honest, it takes a lot of time and I feel bad hogging someone's computer all day. Once I find affordable internet cafes I will try to do some more.