Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some important information

Dear all,
There are two important notices here:

1. Again, thank you for all the comments. They are fun to read and I look forward to them every day. I usually respond to your comments, so be sure to check back to see what I've written to you!

2. I have been informed that some people are unaware of how to comment. You'd think they'd make it straight-forward, but it's not. Therefore, I will show you how it's done.

-At the bottom of the blog entry, it will say "Posted by Will at 2:59 AM X comments," X being any number. Click on the "X Comments" part.

-On the right side it will say "Leave your comment." Inside the box type your message.

-At the bottom there will be funny looking letters, type those into the box below it.

-Also, click on the Other button. Then, put in your name.

-From there you just click "Publish your comment."

Hopefully that helps. If it's unclear, send me an email at

Hope to hear from you,
Will :)


Diane said...

Hi Will,
Thanks for the tip on how to leave your comment. Kevin didn't read very well since he tried to send a comment but it didn't go through, he can't even feed the fish let alone leaving comment correctly. We are still doing interview, so you better get your butt back here I still need you to do input.

ajve said...

Would like to see some pictures of your wonderful hosts! Thanks for the update! Love reading your blog!

HOGGZ said...

Hi Will! This is attempt #2 to leave a comment, so if it shows up twice, you'll know there's a blonde writing...

Anyway, I ran into Alyssa and the whole fam at Superstore last weekend. She had just flown in the night before and mentioned that she had seen you in London. What a small world, and what a wonderful way for you two adventurers to maintain the hometown connection while you journey. Glad you're having such a wonderful experience!

I absolutely LOVE "Parliament at Night"... excellent shot--very moody. Roy would be very proud.

Take care,

Will said...

Hey Diane,

I know Kevin has never been the best at feeding fish. It is a difficult task and requires a certain level of expertise. One has to open the container, which usually has a child safety mechanism, and we all know those can be tough. Second, one has to apply the appropriate amount of feed. Again, this can be tough. If your hand gets shakey, you may give the fish too much, and then they poop like crazy. This translates into more cleaning.

I will send some photos when I stop being lazy. I promise to try tomorrow night.

Hey Hoggz,
Yes, sending comments can be rather difficult at time. It is a small world. I wouldn't have expected to meet her in London. It was awesome to see her again though! I thought you might like that photo. I hope it gets Roy's seal of approval. I can thank you guys for the selection of camera, which has worked out super well. The mega-zoom is really handy especially from trains and buses.

Talk to you all soon,