Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Finally, some time to blog...

Hello all,
Thanks for all the comments! I was surprised that there were so many! I am finally able to sit down and write some stuff down. We are currently in West Sussex at a beautiful country home, in which live excellent country people. They have been extremely hospitable to us! Tonight we went out for Indian food and then for a pint at the local pub. It was quite a nice experience. I had a Sussex Bitter beer. It was my first bitter, and it was great!

We got into London on the 1st of January and went straight to the flat in East Dulwich. On the way there we passed a Millwall football stadium and saw that a game was about to begin. Austin mentioned that Chuck, our good friend and wise mentor, had advised him to check out one of said team's games. They are well-known for their drunken roving mobs. Apparently, people have been killed at these games over sport. Anyway, we got to the flat and met with Naomi and Pete, our London friends. We asked Pete about the game and he said it was about half-over.

We booked it to the train station, got off at the stadium and managed to get in half-price. We picked our spot and started watching the game. (Check Austin's blog for photos.) I really wish I had brought my camera because you can record sound on it, and that's what I will always remember. If you know the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, there is a large henchman for Harry. I forget his name in the movie, but he ends up with an axe in his back. Anyway, this guy has a particular accent and manner of speach which is exactly what the guy behind us at the game sounded like. There were obscenities I hadn't even heard of before or thought were commonly used, especially around the young kids at the game. Anyway, it was a hoot and a half and Millwall won, thankfully.

The next day we did the usual tour of London: Big Ben, Westminster Chapel, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar, etc. It was pretty fun. Tomorrow will be extra fun because I am meeting up with Alyssa, whom I haven't seen for a year almost! T'will be fun!

P.S. Check out the Flickr link on the side for more photos!


Julie said...

OH Geez,

I'm really starting to get jealous Willian van Engen. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun though. Keep blogging and take as many pictures as you can so we can see what you're up to. I'll be checking the site as often as i can!


Papa said...

You're making your father thirsty having read your story of going out for food and bitter. I'm almost certain more of that type of liquid will be part of your diet whilst in London. Your mother did say to get the most of the different cultures which is what beer is all about. Have you heard the saying "Bottoms up" yet while enjoying suds?
Keep dry and enjoy your visit.


Anonymous said...

Hey Will..
Watch out for the Russians if the Canadians beat them at the Junior Hockey tourn. on the 5th.
Hope all is well on the last day in Britain.


Will said...

Dear lovely family,

Thanks for all the comments. Julie, keep posted for more pics. Will shall deliver. Dad, unfortunately I won't be having any more bitters until later. For now I will have to do with Polish lagers. You are right, I will have to watch out for the angry Russian mobs if we win the game...


tante said...

Hi Will,

I am getting itchy feet reading about your travels!
You've already seen a lot and yet you've only been away for just over a week! Enjoy the moments!
Have you bought an alarm clock yet or does the rooster get you up on time?