Saturday, January 13, 2007


Check out this link to see some videos I've made. The link will be on the left side of the page under LinkLand.


Julie said...

I tried to leave a comment on the blog entry with all the pictures but it wouldn't let me. So I thought I would leave a message on this one! By the way, that picture sure did make me laugh. Who's bum is that? Oh wait, is it another gift to Warsaw from Lenin? A statue of his nude self?

ajve said...

Bon voyage! Wishing your next stage of the trip is exciting, stimulating and full of rich experiences.

tante said...

What's the story behind Shooshoo???

Lots of snow in the capital of Canada and flippin' cold as well (-18 C today). Well, you are probably used to that from living in western Canada!?!? Enjoy the week!

Will said...

Hey everyone,

The bum is that of a statue in Warsaw. I thought it was pretty funny, especially because the bum is facing the way you enter the garden, as if it's the focal point.

Merci Maman! The Baltic states are proving quite incredible.

The story behind Shooshoo is that he was born in China, or rather "Made in China." He moved to Vietnam because he met a beautiful monkey from that region. He established his family near Hanoi in a small town. In order to make for himself a better life, he moved to Canada in 1995. He has worked as a baker, paper boy, machinist, marketing executive and chimney sweep. Shooshoo came to the van Engen family on Christmas day and after expressing his desire to return home, and I going to that region soon, I asked if he would join me. And the rest is history.


J.Ko said...

yay for shoo shoo!