Friday, January 12, 2007

Some photos....

Here are some photos of Warsaw. The first one is the photo of a bus in downtown, which I thought was quite humorous. The second one is of Shooshoo in front of Stalin's gift to Warsaw, the Palac Kultura (Culture Palace.) The third is of our gracious and most awesome hosts, Andrzej and Ana, with Shooshoo of course. The fourth is of the old town of Warsaw, that was restored after WW2. The fifth one is really for Julie, because I know she will crack up when she sees it. It's a statue in Wilanow, a place in the south of Warsaw with castles and gardens and such.


Mutter said...

HAHA!! Love the soap opera.

Anonymous said...


Pastor John From New Hope writing. Your dad told me about your adventures on Sunday.

What exactly are you doing out there man? And how's your heart in all of this?

email a response if you prefer.


Will said...

Hey all,

I loved the Russian soap opera too. I hope to watch it again in Russia. It's called "Love is Love."

John, I will email you pronto!