Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Tianjin Tuesday

Hey everyone,

I am afraid I don't have any photos to post at this time. I have been mostly taking videos and I may put them on Youtube. We have had a very eventful few days, including a very noisy Chinese New Years. After Kevin and Elizabeth came back from Guangzhou, we decided to go into town to see the fireworks. Everywhere you looked in the sky, there were fireworks. On the ground people were lighting insane amounts of firecrackers. I still have a headache from all the noise. This isn't the end of the celebrations. Austin and I are currently in the midst of the largest movements of human beings in a short time in the world. Around 2.2 billion visits will be made by the end of the Spring Festival, which starts on the 17th and lasts about two weeks. We had no idea that it would be this crazy. The British couple we met on the train, James and Liz, were stuck in Shanghai for a week because all the tickets were booked and if there were any left, they were way too expensive. Kristin and Johanna missed visiting Guilin because the trains were booked solid for a week. We are hoping that we miss it somehow...but it's quite possible we will be here in the Beijing/Tianjin area for a few more days.


YourOtherDianeFriend said...

2.2 Billion hey? That's a lot of people. Its blowin' my mind.

When you do finally manage to escape from there, where are ya headed? You've left Europe, and consequently my sphere of knowledge, so....story time will be had.

Maman said...

Will, just picked up the Hunchback from Casablanca. Talked to the owner's daughter and she says hi!

Klaas said...

We never met , we never spoke but I wish you all the best !
Please say hello to everybody

Your Mums cousin from Holland
Klaas Land ( son of willem and froukje )

Carla said...

Hey, Will,
I added a link to your blog on my blog - is that ok?

Will said...

Hey Diane,
Yes, we must have ourselves a discussion regarding Chinese history, perhaps at the Seanachie over a pint of something other than Guiness!

Je suis content!

Hey Klaas,
Well, I'm glad that you took the time to post, despite not having met me or spoken with me. Hopefully we can remedy this! My email is

Hey Carla,
Please do put a link! That is super cool, I didn't know you had a blog. What's the address?

Thanks everyone,