Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tianjin on Valentine's Day

Here are a couple photos of the kids as well as Kevin and Elizabeth. On the far right we have a photo of all the kids, minus Anneliese. From left to right we have Hannah, Izaak, Esther and Joseph. The second photo is of Izaak on the way back from the Great Wall. I have been laughing about the third photo for the last three days. I still can't believe some of the translations here. They usually have impeccable spelling (is impeccable spelled right?) but use some really odd words and the overall feel of the sentences produced are really strange. We have seen some great ones including a few signs at the Forbidden City:

"A Single Act of Carelessness Leads to Eternal Loss of Beauty."
" Perilous Hills, No Climbing Please."

Of course "Hot Surprise" takes the cake. The fourth photo was taken from the bus stop outside of the community where we are staying. The smog was especially thick that morning. The fifth photo is of Kevin, my cousin. He is sporting an awesome beard. This photo was taken by Joseph, who loves taking photos of everything, especially canned goods! The last photo (but not least) is of Elizabeth and Anneliese.
Keep posted for more photos and stories. Thanks for being patient for the last few days as I have been quite lazy with my blogging.


Bri said...

Oh sorry! I meant non-north americans not anti-north americans. My bad! But Happy Valentine's Day!
Cute pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day Will, Great pictures, I remember Kevin as a very young man, having a hard time seeing him as a dad of 5 kids, that is awesome. The smog must be hard to handle, are you getting used to it? The kids are all so adorable. Yes and the lacking on your part of adding to the blog is a little
Love ya
Aunt Sue

Carla said...

Gah! Anneliese is so CUTE!! (How do you pronounce her name?) Of course, the other kids are all pretty good looking, too.

What's the spiritual climate like there in China? Does it feel oppressive at all?

Alyssa and Julie said...

Hi Will,

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
It's your favorite girls!!!!!
Hope everything is going super duper well!
We miss you muchly and lunches at the Farmers Market after church. COME HOME SOON! I bet you're craving a Simple Simons Pie right now. Can't you hear them calling to you? All that cheesy..meaty goodness calling your name!!
"william!! eat me!!"
So come home soon, so simple simon can hook you up with some good eats!

The fabulous four just isnt the same without you and Darren. It's more like the terrific two, which isn't fabulous. There's no muscle behind the BEAUTY!
Just jokes man.

Anyway, when you come back, we'll definately be having some pie's and some table/ futon/ blanket forts. Kay sweet.!!


Mike said...

Sweet you posted again but... I dont have enough time left to read it... just post a comment so awesome! I am in Sydney right now and i have been really meaning to get back to your email... it's just been escaping me right now, but soon enough I will get back to you do not worry dearest will! Anyway I just though I would say hi and just let you know I am still keeping in touh and stuff! Hope you are enjoying wherever you are... cuz I dont really know where that is... maybe Tianjin perhaps since it's in the title!

Later Bro,

- Mike

Will said...

Hey Bri,
Hahaha, no worries. It was confusing, I'm glad you cleared that up. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Hey Aunt Sue,
The smog is a little irritating, especially coming from a country with some of the world's best quality air. The kids really are adorable! We are recording some of the stuff they say, because it's just hilarious!

Hey Carla,
Annaliese is super cute. Most of the time she has a really concerned look on her face, which is hilarious. The spiritual climate is nonexistant in that there really is no spirituality. From what I can tell, most people believe in luck and making as much money as possible. It was a little scary when we were in a taxi and the driver started rubbing his lucky charm. Chinese roads are insanely dangerous. Hundreds of people die daily in China in motor vehicle accidents. I think the Communists, especially under Mao, did a lot of damage in terms of spiritual freedom and that sort of thing. It seems to me the country still needs a lot of healing.

Hey Julie and Alyssa!
So glad to hear from you! I do miss Simple Simon pies!! I really want one of those taco-flavoured ones! I agree that the fabulous four does need to be reunited, but at the same time even though we are apart, we are all together in our hearts. The terrific two just doesn't cut it. Kay peace.

Hey Mike,
Thanks for your email. I did get it. Enjoy your time in Sydney.

Thanks for your comments everyone,
Will :)