Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trekking through Shan province...

In Kalaw we found a great guide by the name of Alex. Austin and I had some chapati-related disturbances so we opted to postpone the trek one day. By the way, if anyone who reads this finds themselves in Kalaw, check out the Eastern Paradise Motel. The woman who runs the place is a sweetheart and took good care of us when we were sick. She even lent us little 19th-century-British-explorer hats which we proudly sported around town, despite being incessantly giggled at.

The trek was three days and quite labourious due to the fact that Austin and I can't pack light. Alex always kept it interesting, pointing out different birds or plants along the way. His cook, Como-Say, cooked some of the best food we've had on the trip. Every meal was a smorgasbord of soups, noodle dishes, curries and salads. Our favourite was simple: tomatoes and onions in lemon juice.

We had lunch on the first day at the Viewpoint Guesthouse, located on the top of a mountain overlooking the surrounding countryside. It is run by a friendly Nepali family who can cook up some great curry. That night we stayed in a little village with some friends of Alex. The grandmother was a sweet old lady who was always laughing.

The second day was the most incredible in terms of scenery. It seemed at every turn we were stopping to take photos, some of which can be seen below. That night we stayed at a monastery, which was an interesting experience although we didn't get to meet many of the monks.

A Nepali woman cooks up some delicious potato curry.

The view from the Viewpoint.

Most Burmese put on a serious face for photos. Not these children.

With entertainment options limited in this village, these boys play with mud.

Dung beetle!

Our ever-smiling host.

Our fearless guide Alexander.

Some of the jaw-dropping scenery on the second day.

Farmers bringing cauliflower to market.

The monastery we stayed at on the last night. The next morning we were awoken by the gentle chanting of the young novice monks. Unfortunately, it was 4:45 AM.

-- Will

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ajve said...

The pictures are amazing. Just received my new reading glasses. They look better than ever before. Can't wait to have these pictures on our walls. The pictures of the treed country side are unique!
Bon voyage to Singapore!
Maman et papa.....