Tuesday, May 29, 2007


What's most impressive about Bagan at first is not the size or complexity of each individual temple, nor the condition, but rather the sheer number of them. There are pagodas or temples in every direction you look. Over a 230-year period, roughly 4400 were built. Earthquakes and serious neglect have brought that number down a thousand or two. What's even more striking is that many of these temples are in the middle of some farmer's field and so you see everyday life going on.

Temple at dusk.

Cattle meander through fields dotted with temples.

The toddy tree produces a sweet fruit used to make alcohol.

A temple surrounded by toddy trees.

A novice monk walks past Shwezeigon with his alms bowl.

A young shepherd boy runs through the field.

We met this family on our way to the temple in the background.

A young boy demonstrates how to eat the toddy fruit.

Temples at sunset.



Paps said...

Hey Will,
Jeremy, at Westside Kings, said in his message this past weekend that some countries in that area where you are, have two idols for every person. Great photos. I can't wait to see the rest of them.
Stay Well.
Your Paps.

Will said...

Hey Dad,

I bet he's right about that. It seems everywhere you go there is a pagoda or little idol. It's really stunning to see these old pagodas dotting the countryside.