Tuesday, May 29, 2007


From Yangon our next stop was Bagan. We purchased tickets on what we thought was a 16-hour long ride on an air-con bus. On both counts we were wrong. The bus did have air-con but they only used it 50% of the time. The trip is usually 16 hours, but at about hour 12 the driver stopped for no apparent reason. It was about 3 AM at the time. We stayed there till 7AM when we found out that the road ahead had become a river! At around 9AM, buses started attempting the river crossing, through about a foot of water. Thankfully none got stuck, although many were spewing sickly black smoke. Our turn finally came at 10:30. After another few hours we made it to Bagan.

Austin looking pretty cool in front of a bus that was similar to ours.

A delicious roadside meal complete with Myanmar beer. (Burmese food is actually quite nasty. Fortunately, there is a large Indian community that makes excellent chapati!) Myanmar beer is great, but it's a government joint-venture so we will probably stick to the Mandalay brew in the future.

This vendor successfully sold me some mints!

Tractors and oxcarts ferry people and vehicles across the road-turned-river.

A young girl warms shields herself from the rain.

-- Will


Anonymous said...

I enjoy most of your works. Wouldn't it be nice to choose a better word for "Nasty" for Burmese food.

နုိင္ကုိ said...

If you do not like Burmese food you can not eat.But you don't use this word"Nasty".Whatsoever,Thanks for visited to our country and writing about our country.

Naing Ko