Thursday, May 31, 2007


Some shots from our time in Mandalay. Check out Austin's blog ( for some great photos of the night market.

We tasted grapefruit for the first time in months at the above fruit juice stand.

Mandalay at night.

Homeless children scour the streets for anything that can be resold.

These boys in particular have collected some rusty knives which they are cleaning up and sharpening.

An alternative method of drying clothes.

This man had a terrible growth on his face that no doubt could be quickly fixed back home.

Pick-ups transport people around Mandalay.

A vendor selling bus tickets, among other things.

We walked by this man at 10AM and then again at 4PM and he hadn't yet moved.

Caught photographing!

She'll have to wait until she's five to ride this motorbike.

At the night market in Mandalay you can get just about anything from Bibles to betel nut.

A baked goods vendor at the night market, one of the few with photogenic incandescent lighting.

-- Will


Bri said...

Aw what cute kids! I really like the 3 pictures of Mandalay at night. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Great photos will!

Anonymous said...

Villiam!!! We miss you so much! We can't wait to see you soon! Hurry up! Calgary is not the same without you.

God bless,
marClaudine Dawoud

Liz said...

Hey Will
I was just wondering, what is the golden yellow stuff that's on many of the cheeks of the people you've photographed?
Happy travels :D
Liz vd. Laan
Ps. Please tell Austin that my friend (who is in our city's photoclub) and I think that his photo's are absolutely breathtaking.

ajve said...

wilhelm, we are in Orangeville. Ryan and Sarah's wedding was awesome. You were missed. Dad took footage with your camera.
Talk to you soon! Love, oma, dad, moeder, Juliana.

Will said...

Hey Bri,
You can thank Austin's "Vibration Reduction" lens for those night shots!

Hey Ryan,
Hope to see photos from the wedding soon!!!

Hey Mark and Claudine,
I look forward to seeing you both very soon. I will be back in Calgary on the 29th of June.

Hey Liz,
The yellow stuff on their cheeks is called Thanaka. It's made from the bark of a tree and it acts as sunblock and make-up all at once. Austin says thanks for the comment!

Hey Mom,
Can you send photos of the wedding to me??

-- Will

Anonymous said...

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