Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monks and Temples

Austin takes a nap

Older women can be seen smoking these huge cigars, generally packed with lots of wood shavings and very little tobacco.

A blind man takes refuge in the temple.

Novice monks in Nyaung U kick back.

Austin gazing up at Buddha.

An offering of flowers.

-- Will


jeremy (nates bro) said...

I wonder how many monks I have schooled on xboxlive before...

will and austin when are you set to come home!?!?

Will said...

Hey Jeremy,

I know you're pretty good at xbox but these monks are something else. They meditate straight for three days before playing and when they place their hands on the controller they are one with the system. I'm coming home on the 29th of June. As for Austin I'm not sure. I lost him in the jungle three days ago.


Nathan said...

Let me guess. Some monks showed you an Indy movie they did, and he just had to find out who produced it, so he traveled deep into the forest....

you see where I'm going where this.

Carla said...

Wow, those pictures are beautiful - though in an eery sort of way. Real people who have next to nothing, and non-existent gods who have pretty much everything. It's so sad.