Thursday, May 24, 2007


Here are some photos from our time in Yangon:

My favourite photo of the trip by far courtesy of Austin Andrews.

The rainy season is definitely upon us...The view from our hotel's rooftop garden was spectacular.

It's very easy to find interesting people in Yangon; just pick a bus at random and take it wherever. The first time we did this we ended up meeting an interesting local gentleman who took us to a little cafe for beers.

The struggle for existence is clearly seen when walking through the streets.

This little boy crossed our path early one morning.

Some faces from Yangon.

The famous Shwedagon Paya, unlike most of the ancient religious structures we've visited, is still used by the public. When we were there crowds of people were praying and/or just hanging out there. Many claim it is 2500 years old but the archeological consensus now is that it was built by the Mon sometime between the 6th and 10th century. The golden spire is 98 metres high. Its claim to fame, aside from being enormous and gold, is that eight hairs from Gautama Buddha are enshrined here.

We stumbled upon this lively game of soccer in an alleyway. Everywhere you look in this city there is something exciting and interesting going on.



SarahRyan said...

Hey Will! Thanks so much for the you tube message! We really appreciated it. You are a natural talent when it comes to videography, keep it up. We're very excited for you and have enjoyed following your adventures; so many great experiences! We look forward to seeing you a lot when you are in Ontario!!! Luv Ryan and Sarah

Julie said...

Your pictures are stunning! Very effective and nicely done. We'll have to hang some up around the house:)And I just saw the video you made for Ryan and Sarah too! It was really well put together. I can't wait to see you when you get home!

Lots of love

Will said...

Hey Ryan and Sarah,

I'm glad you liked the video! Can't wait to see the wedding videos and photos! Again, wish I could be there...

Hey Julie,

I can't wait to see you when I get home! How's the musical going? Send me an email!


Sandra said...

Hey, Will--
Loving that street at night photo! Awesome job, Austin! The others are great, too. You will have to have a special screening of all your photos, you guys. I think you should start with a viewing at our house on the big screen projection T.V.!! Lots of room for an audience.
Regarding Julie's musical, she was a perfect hag!!! Very enjoyable.
Take care--

Anonymous said...

Will you are awesome... I just finished watching your Utube for Ryan & Sarah and loved it...and your pic's are stunning. If I wasn't at work I probably would have cried. Miss you can't wait til September.
Love ya
Aunt Sue

Will said...

Hey Sandra,
I think your place would be a great venue for a first showing of photos. We'll have to set something up when I get back, which will be June 29th.

Hey Aunty Sue,
I'm glad you liked the video. I look forward to catching up with you in September! Thanks for your continued comments on my blog! I look forward to them every time I log on!