Thursday, May 31, 2007


After five days in Bagan, we decided to start moving on to Mandalay. We were told we could take a slow ferry that would take two days and one night. This sounded interesting as it is the choice transportation for locals. When we got on board we were informed it would take two nights and three days. Considering that the bus to Mandalay was cheaper and only took eight hours, we opted against taking the ferry. This worked out well in the end because we ran into some travellers we had met in Yangon the week before.

Young boys play by the waterfront.

A teashop employee poses for a photo.

An older man and young boy wait for the ferry.

One thing we've noticed about the Burmese is that they spend lots of time with their children.

A young girl carries a basket to the ferry.

Lecher meisje!

Women washing their clothes near the boats.

We met these two gentlemen in a village near the jetty.

Yet again we stumbled across a group of kids playing soccer.

Sunset at the jetty.

-- Will


Anonymous said...

Hi Will, loved the sunset...all the pictures are stunning...

ajve said...

AWE INSPRING pictures. Beautiful!!! Our house will be to small to showcase them all!!!

ajve said...

TOO small I mean.....

Will said...

Hey Aunty Sue,
Thanks for the comments on the photos! I will be getting lots of prints to show you guys when I come to Ontario.

Hey Mom,
I think in Yangon I will get a bunch of prints. Are there any photos in particular you want a big print of?


Anonymous said...

hey will, i'm so jelious I wish i could do all that stuff, but i can't so i'll just have to pretend i'm there from your description, any how, not doing much these days just dirt biking and hangin out with friends. schools alright i'm getting good grades.from the beautiful pictures i've seen burma looks awesome. what are you planing on doing for your next trip? Oh ya don't worry i won't tell your mom.